Visitors Books...

We started using visitors books in 1986 after we were impressed with that of the Sharrow Bay Hotel on Lake Ullswater. Since then we've had dozens.

At Krimo's we have around three or four on the go at all time. Most customers leave us a small message at the end of their visit. A few of the regulars tend to have an ongoing conversation with the staff.

Raymond, a long-standing regular of ours comes just about every week and never fails to leave a thorough review of his visit.
Many messages have been left in various languages by passing foreigners.

A set of young ladies began coming to Krimo's in its early days, when they were still teenagers. With every visit their comments became bolder as they lost their inhibitions.
"We love the chef."
"You can cook for me any time!"
And then one day they left kisses with their lipstick across the pages. Karen pretended to be jealous but we laughed.
It became a pleasant habit. Nowadays, over twenty-years on, they still use our restaurants regularly with their families. We often laugh at all the cheeky messages they left in our visitors books.


Tony Parks said...

Have you kept all your visitors books?

Krimo said...

Hi, Tony,
I used to keep them in my office when we were at Seaton Carew, but nowadays, we only keep for a year or so.