Lunch at Krimo's

It's really rare that I sit down for a meal at Krimo's because I always feel guilty dirtying a tablecloth.

Whereas at Portofino or Casa, I often have something quick for lunch.
(My favourite quick meal is a half-portion of Penne Benito. I named this dish after my first boss at the Capanella Pizzeria in Newcastle. My first job in catering.)
At Casa, I sometimes grab two or three tapas before a home match.

A couple of weeks ago, after a tourism meeting, I did however sit down with the Visit Tees Valley board for our Christmas lunch at Krimo's.
I felt a bit guilty because Karen was working short-staffed, due to the dreaded flu bug which decimated much of our staff over Christmas.

However, everyone commented on the good food and service.

The Mussels and Lamb Tagine were very popular as described by Maria from Argument Cottage. I had the fishcakes and the duck confit, and I must say that I really enjoyed my lunch.

Fishcakes with Thai sauce

Duck confit with sweet red cabbage.

So, what's your favourite Krimo's dish then?


PI said...

I'm so glad I did experience your restaurant whilst I had the chance. We don't travel far these days but if ever there was a temptation to look up my SIL it is now.

Krimo said...

Thanks, Pat. Glad you dined with us in the early days at Seaton Carew.
Never say never, though.

ValGalArt said...

wow! amazing! It's like art! Nice review by Argument Cottage as well*****

Krimo said...

Thanks, Val.
Yes, that was a great review. Maria loved it indeed.