Healthy Eating...

Just before Christmas, the head of Stranton School in Hartlepool dining at Portofino asked if I could help with a healthy eating competition.

Monday morning saw the launch of its healthy eating campaign involving pupils and their parents. It was attended by the Mayor of Hartlepool Stuart Drummond.

I videoed Mark Earnden of Expo Chef demonstrate how easy it is to create fresh food free from additives. The kids loved most of the food Mark got them to taste.

A few parents have signed up for weekly cookery lessons. There will be a competition in March which Mark and I will judge.


Hayden said...

there are a few nutrition programs centered around schools in the US that are becoming very successful.

this is important work, anything possible to encourage and help people understand that good nutrition isn't impossible - and is delicious!

wonderful stuff!

Krimo said...

I agree, Hayden that it is important to start teaching kids about nutrition early on in their life. Here, the goverment is talking about making cookery classes compulsory for 10 to 14 year olds. I think it is a great idea!