Historic Headland

I attended a tourism meeting at the Heugh Battery on Hartlepool Historic Headland.
The array of military artifacts is staggering.
If you have a moment to spare and are interested in Britain's military history, why not head for the Headland?

HUFC Lottery

We are starting a joint venture with Hartlepool United. 
A 20% offer at all our restaurants in the week following the Matchday Lottery ticket date. 
The holder will get 20% off his or her food!  

Last season I won £500 on the Pools Lottery but I hope I won't win it this year, otherwise it could be seen as a "fix" ;o)

Krimo's Food Question...

Here is the result of our August Food Question Draw.

Summertime Blues at the Marina

Back in the late seventies, well before I got bitten by the restaurant bug, but just after deciding that Naval Architecture was not for me, I worked on a rusty nail for a few months, and sailed around the Mediterranean to many east and west African countries including Madagascar. The Indian Ocean impressed me so much that I promised myself to sail back one day on my own yacht. A pipe dream that has sadly not materialised yet.

Over the years, I have met many of those sailors who realised their dream. They come from all walks of life and various European countries. Most tend to go up the North Sea coast to the Caledonian Canal and then down the Irish Sea or the other way round. As they enjoy their food and drink at Krimo's, I get to discover fascinating seafaring stories.

Last week I met a Ukrainian couple in their sixties who came in for dinner after arriving to Hartlepool. Once they detected my interest in boats, they invited me on board one of most modern yachts I have ever seen. A 6-berth beauty, loaded with the very latest gadgets and even a desalination unit! They recounted several international sailing stories that really made me jealous.

Back on terra firma, I have begun toying with the idea of taking boating lessons...

Should I abandon my folding bike for an inflatable canoe?

Friday Evenings at Krimo's

We have extended our Dinner Offer to Friday Evenings for a limited time.
Two delicious courses for £13.95 from 6.30pm.
If you would like to be an early bird and arrive before 6.30pm, then the same menu is also available for £11.95

Check out this fantastic offer here!

Krimo's Family is growing...

In August, Jen our Casa del Mar manager had a lovely girl called Annabel.

Rachael our long-serving bar manager from Krimo's and Luke, Casa del Mar's second-chef also had a girl, Elisa.
And Stacey, Krimo's assistant-manager has started her maternity leave. Her baby is due in November.
Noel, Portofino's head-chef who became a dad last November got married on August 26th at the same place where Colin, Krimo's head-chef and Tracey, another Krimo's employee tied the knot five years ago.
After a long engagement, our Adam and Hayley, Krimo's manager who left last year to have our lovely grandson Isaac are getting married in November.
Well done to everyone! (Must be something in the water!)

PS: Lydia, our longest serving member of staff has now clocked 23 years at Krimo's.

Loyalty Pays

We have been running a loyalty scheme since 1995 but over 3 years ago,we found a card that our regular customers can use in all three restaurants, both for saving points and spending them.

Each restaurant has a terminal and, once a week the data is collected onto our main computer. At the end of each month we mail out a "gift" to our customers whose birthday falls in the next month. Usually, this comes in the form of a personalised certificate that allows the bearer TRIPLE POINTS if he or she pays us a visit.

If you don't already have our loyalty card, please feel free to pick one up the next time you dine with us.