Email Statistics...

I discovered email marketing two years ago and have been using it ever since. Once a month, I send my e-newsletter to over 2000 customers and the list is growing by the day through sign-ups, quizzes, feedback forms, etc...

There are numerous online companies offering this facilities and the prices they charge vary widely. After a few months of research and comparison, I chose Constant Contact, a US company which delivers exactly what I require: tailor-made emails and clear statistics of how these work.

This enables me to design subsequent messages and advertise our restaurants as well as inform our customers/readers.

Email marketing is simply the natural progression of bulk mail marketing. While households are still bombarded by leaflet campaigns, most will now find their email accounts swamped by spam mail.

It is not a wonder that only a very small proportion of these unsolicited emails are ever read. Even targeted emails produce very low open and click rates. The diagram below shows the stats.

Having said all this, I believe that any restaurant company worth its salt (and pepper) has to "jump on the bandwagon" or be left in the dust.