Krimo's Tropical Casa...

Hawaiian shirts, Latino and Salsa sounds... The last Wednesday of every month at Casa del Mar.
Tropicana North East is a group of music lovers who play around... yes, you've guessed it, the North East. They meet up at Casa one a month to rehearse, exchange ideas and prepare from their forthcoming gigs.

Last Wednesday was the first time they had their new colourful Hawaiian shirts on. The odd one out at the back, the drummer arrived late and was left with a medium shirt which was a bit too snug.
I watched them play "Oye como va!"and dreamed of playing the bongos with them, the Santana way.

Do tapas taste better when one listens to this kind of music?
Yes, they do!

Krimo's Fast Food...

...Is not bad for you!

Fast food can be anything from an omelet to a grilled steak, a salad to a pasta...
One has to be organised and prepared.
A simple omelet will take less than one minute to cook. Getting the eggs out of the fridge, cracking them, whisking them and heating the frying pan is what takes time.

The same thing goes for a steak. If you like it medium-rare, it won't take longer than five minutes as long as the pan is hot and the olive oil smoking.

Just imagine a bowl of steamed mussels! Five minutes.
A mixed salad: Ten minutes!
A pasta: Twelve minutes!
A risotto: Twelve minutes!
Cajun chicken: Six minutes!
Fast food doesn't have to be burgers, fried chicken or fish and chips but even then, there is nothing at all wrong with these, as long as they are consumed in moderation.

So, next time you fancy some fast food, check out your fridge and larder...
You might rustle up something faster than your local takeaway will.

Krimo's Easter Wishes...

A chocolate shower?
Chocolate toothpaste?

What's yours?

Hartlepool Marina Shines...

Saturday afternoon, Hartlepool Marina put on its best clothes for the benefit of the Sick Children Trust and showed how businesses can come together to help.
Christine Blakey worked very hard to ensure all the restaurants and caf├ęs participated in this, hopefully first of many events on Navigation Point.

Each restaurants provided samples of dishes for the visitors to enjoy.
There was a lot of singing and dancing throughout the afternoon.