Krimo's Fast Food...

...Is not bad for you!

Fast food can be anything from an omelet to a grilled steak, a salad to a pasta...
One has to be organised and prepared.
A simple omelet will take less than one minute to cook. Getting the eggs out of the fridge, cracking them, whisking them and heating the frying pan is what takes time.

The same thing goes for a steak. If you like it medium-rare, it won't take longer than five minutes as long as the pan is hot and the olive oil smoking.

Just imagine a bowl of steamed mussels! Five minutes.
A mixed salad: Ten minutes!
A pasta: Twelve minutes!
A risotto: Twelve minutes!
Cajun chicken: Six minutes!
Fast food doesn't have to be burgers, fried chicken or fish and chips but even then, there is nothing at all wrong with these, as long as they are consumed in moderation.

So, next time you fancy some fast food, check out your fridge and larder...
You might rustle up something faster than your local takeaway will.


Zéphyr said...
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Zéphyr said...

A l'origine de l'humanité, l'homme se contentait de manger cru les produits qu'il cueillait, pêchait ou chassait lui-même ! C'était plus pratique et rapide. Mais, il a remarqué qu'il se fatiguait trop et qu'il était souvent malade.

Alors, il a changé de méthode. Le fast-food est une situation intermédiaire : rapide et cuit.

Orce Serrano Hams said...

Couldn't agree more Krimo, making tapas and raciones applies the exact same principle, fast and delicious with (usually) not many rules either.

PI said...

You make it sound so easy:)

Donn Kopenjz said...

Awesome advice. Now that we are counting calories, perusing the caloric details on the fast-franken food should be enough to give you a heart attack!

Fortunately, most North Americans will soon be too HUGE to actually go to a fast-food joint because they won't be able to squeeze into vehicles.

Mother Nature always finds a way.

Crabbers said...

C'est parfaitement juste ! Le fast food c'est à la maison !

This is perfectly just! The fast food this is at the house!

Mais qu'est-ce que c'est bon de se faire servir par un chef !!

Sheffy said...

Totally agree Krimo. Also fish. What is quicker to cook?

Krimo said...

Yes, Sheffy, I did forget fish. Another healthy fast food, thank you!

Crabbers, à la maison, ca ne me prend pas plus de 10 à 15 minutes pour me préparer quelque chose à manger pendant la semaine.

Don, some airlines are planning to charge passengers by the pound and the inch! Might be a new incentive for people to diet.

Pat, everything is easy if you know the ropes.

CR, Tapas are another ideal fast food.

Zéphyr, je sais que ma soeur ne fait pas Fast Food. Elle aime bien les plats mijotés, n'est-ce pas?