Krimo's Valentine Rhymes...

Valentine's Day might be a time when lovers all over the world express their devotion to each other, but that goodwill is not reaching the rose growers of Kenya.
One reason is the global financial crisis, which has resulted in a reduced demand for flowers.
(BBC News)

Roses are red,
And so are cookery books.
Some chefs are really vain
They hate being called cooks.

Roses are red,
Kitchen language is blue.
If I catch that Cupid
I’ll serve him in a stew.

The Tall Ships are coming...

The Tall Ships website is the place to look for anything you need to know about Hartlepool's biggest event in 2010!
Just over 25 weeks to go the 7th August 2010 when at least 75 ships will be arriving to Hartlepool from Kristiansand (Norway) on the last leg of the Tall Ships Race.

There will be a massive array of events between 7th and 10th when many of the ships will depart for Amsterdam on a North Sea Regatta.

Once people have visited Hartlepool during these few days, they will fall in love with the amazing facelift the town has had over the last 20 years.