...has been with us at Krimos for nearly SEVEN YEARS!!

She has risen from a shy sixteen year-old waitress to a confident all-rounder. There is no job title or description for Nicola.
She is Krimo's!
Our regular customers bring her chocolates, which I often plunder when she leaves them behind the bar and bottles of wine -they know she is a connaisseur.

She has looked after the restaurant like her own. She has trained most of our young staff over the time she has been with us. Even Karen, when she came out of early retirement! Anything she needed to know, Nicola knew it.

When Adam started the Salsa classes at Casa, she enrolled most of her family to support the venture.
Last Sunday, she even brought along her Brazilian friend who is in this country for a visit. Oh, and yes, Nicola has travelled far and wide over the last seven years. I am not sure there is a corner of the World that remains unknown to her.

Nicola graduated over two years ago and has been looking for the right job ever since. She was invited to attend interviews in London and New York!
But, still, the career she dearly wanted was proving elusive... Well, that is until now.
Nicola has at last found her calling and is moving to London within the next few days.
Lucky London.Poor Hartlepool.

We have, over the last twenty three years, had many people come through our doors to help us run our restaurants and keep the standards we set back at Seaton Carew. Although our memory may be fading with age, we still remember all those who have left their mark on the restaurants and on our customers. There are a few who will always be in our hearts.

Nicola is already there.


PI said...

You both have been very fortunate.

Krimo said...

Definitely, Pat.
Everyone will remember Nicola for a long time.

Queenie said...

What a diamond, I hope she continues to sparkle in her new found adventure. Salsa evenings, now theres a thought!!!

Krimo said...

Q, yes a real GEM and I think she will shine everywhere she goes!
You've got the rhythm, get teaching!

Akelamalu said...

What a shame you're losing such a valued member of staff but I bet she'll be back to visit. :0

Krimo said...

Oh, I don't think we'll ever get rid of her as long as she keeps coming back to the town.

la bellina mammina said...

Good luck to Nicola!!

Krimo said...

Thanks, Bella.

ValGalArt said...

She is so darling! I hope her dreams come true and how lucky you all have been to share in each other's lives.