Eat to save your life...

Last night I watched Jamie Oliver's "Eat to save your life".

I am sure that many telespectators must've had a bit of a shock at the amount of rubbish in supermarket ready meals.

Salt, sugar, fat... These hidden ingredients in foods and drinks are the reason the nation is becoming fat.

A few weeks ago, after Madjid was diagnosed with angina, I mysteriously began having headaches and feeling dizzy. The doctor prescribed some antibiotics and a series of blood tests.
The antibiotics got rid of a harmless head cold!
And the blood tests came back all clear.

I was so relieved that since then I have had a few bottles of red wine to celebrate this happy news.

And then last night the following ingredients were listed as the healthiest in our diets:
Olive oil
Oily fish
Red wine
Dark chocolate

Now, I am not one to crow (yeah, right!) but this is exactly my diet.
Just go and ask Nicola who's been plundering the staff Christmas chocolates.

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