Portofinos of the World...

Last year a couple of our customers went to Marrakesh and found a Portofino Restaurant. They brought me back a photo.

Karen and I went there for a few days in November and guess what? We found it!
I took this photo to prove it.
I nearly went in and boasted about our own Portofino but my shyness (!) held me back.

You may have heard of or even experienced Jemaa El Fna, a massive square in Marrakesh, which at dusk, is transformed into a giant outdoor restaurant with stalls selling all sorts of foods.

People from all over the world sit next to one another on rickety wooden benches or wobbly plastic chairs to sample Moroccan delicacies such as Tagines, Pastilla, skewered meats, fresh fruit juices, etc...
It is an experience not to be missed!

As reported in a previous post, bringing back a photo of another Portofino is worth a bottle of wine to the bearer.


Anonymous said...

C'est superbe !

Il est certain que si j'avais su ,j'aurais bien conseillé mon gendre qui vient de faire un séjour au Royaume-Uni !

Et si je devais moi-même y séjourner je n'y manquerais pas (incognito !Pour ne pas abuser.)

kj said...

best of luck on this spiffy informative blog!


Krimo said...

Merci, Crabtree!
Si jamais vous passez dans les environs de nos restos, j'espère que vous n'hésiterez pas à venir partager le pain avec nous. Cela nous ferait bien plaisir.

Thanks, KJ. I hope you visit again, if not in person then over cyberspace.