They are essentially an acquired taste. Just look at the distorted face of someone who's tasting that funny fruit for the first time. YUK!!!

But, with patience you can get anyone addicted to olives.

Start with the stoneless green ones.
Rinse most of the brine off and chop them into little pieces. Mix them into a salad or rice. This can be a good start on the way to the addiction.

Then, bit by bit, and believe me, it can take a long time, you will succeed. I have on many occasions. It can be an even harder task than getting someone used to charred steaks to eat rare ones. But once someone reaches that stage, there's no stopping them. They will talk about olives in the same way as a wine expert can bore you about obscure Clarets.

Kalamata becomes their best mate!

Olive Stall at Antwerp Market

Spice up your olives...
Buy two jars of whole olives, greens and blacks.
Place the green ones and their brine in a large bowl. Drain the black ones and lightly rinse them in cold water. Add them to the bowl.
Add the following:
1 tbsp of crushed fresh garlic.
1 tbsp of chopped parsley
1 tsp of caraway seeds
1 tsp of chilli flakes
1 tsp of ground cumin
Juice of one whole lemon
Mix well and store in a jar or plastic box.
Top up with olive oil and refrigerate.



zooms said...

OH Olives,
our shopping expeditions are entirely restricted to necessities, wholesale bags of rice and pasta, flour and soap powder, etc.
I try to not feel too guilty when I, hastily, pop my
'Provencal with chillies'
in the trolley, I mean they are, aren't they, essential?
This recipe sounds delicious, will give it a go, thanks Cream x

Krimo said...

I agree, Zooms, they ARE essentials. A life without olives! Can you imagine!
Let me know whether you like my recipe.

Akelamalu said...

I adore olives - I have some every day! Yummy.

Krimo said...

And they are really healthy, Akela.