Slaving over a hot stove...

Today and for the first time in many moons, I was back in Krimo's kitchen with Colin, Jimmy, Shawn and Lydia, our porter.
I will do one or two shifts a week to ease myself back into the routine for when the lads go on holiday.

I wore a Krimo's T-shirt and my old butcher's apron. And entered the kitchen with my big knife. It's a massive chef's knife I use at home. So sharp you can shave with it.

I asked whether there were any jobs for me to do.
Colin pointed to two big red cabbages to be chopped. He uses the braised cabbage as a bed for the duck confit.
My knife came in handy and I was done within a few minutes. Like riding a bike.

Karen was training staff on coffees so the kitchen was rewarded with Latt├ęs and Cappuccinos to taste.
Service wasn't hard. We only served around 16 to 20 lunches.

The morning brought back memories of when I worked full-time in the kitchen at Seaton Carew.
Always making sure to arrive before everyone else. And when I got a new piece of equipment, no one else was allowed to use it before me!
Lydia, who has been with us for nearly eighteen years remembers those days.

Funny but I now realise how much I've missed being hands-on and I am now looking forward to my next shift.


Elizabeth said...

I like the idea of visitors' books!
Glad you enjoyed Essouira.
we live in Marrakech and therefore I'll be posting lots of cool pictures.
Best wishes from sunny Maroc!

Krimo said...

Thanks Elizabeth. Great that you found my restaurant blog!
Morocco is a beautiful country and I hope to come back soon for a visit.
Best wishes from a wet Hartlepool.