Just desserts...

Rain fell over the Marina on Saturday night.
Portofino was busy from the word go. The "Mad Hour" attract lots of families with children as well as couples getting fed before hitting the town.

By 8pm the kitchen had run out of mussels and sea bass. Elaine rang Krimo's to borrow some but Colin couldn't spare any.

At around 8.30pm I headed for Casa del Mar. It was bouncing! Lyndsay was slowly going through a long list of people patiently waiting to be seated.
Showing no sign of stress, Head-Chef Kevin and his team worked through a row of orders while Adam helped behind the bar.

I helped clear and clean a few tables, greeted a few diners, collected a few glasses then headed for Krimo's dodging the rain and revellers.

Everyone looked on the ball. I went round the tables greeting customers, a few words here and there then entered the kitchen. Colin and his team were calmly going through the orders.
Just another Saturday night in the Triangle.

I later took a few photos for the blog.

Crème Brûlée with almond tuile.

Sticky Toffee Pudding with Vanilla ice cream

Assiette Gourmande

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