Portofinos of the World...

A few months after I opened Portofino in 1997, I received a Portofino postcard from a guy claiming to be the mayor of the eponymous posh resort on the Italian Riviera.
He promised to visit our restaurant the next time he was in Britain.

I knew it was someone pulling my leg and surely, a few weeks later, Peter a long-standing friend admitted to the scam.

This gave me the idea of challenging our customers to send us or bring back postcards, photos, etc... from other Portofinos around the World. The bearer is rewarded with a bottle of wine.

I have them pinned to our lobby walls and they attract a great deal of interest.
One busy Saturday night, this old dear asked me: "Are they all yours?"
I nearly answered: "Yes, of course and I have a private jet to fly me from one to the next..."

At the last count, there were cards from over 70 World locations. This gave me another brilliant idea.
I contacted our local newspaper and this is the result.

If you see another Portofino on your travels, it's worth a bottle of wine in my Portofino.


Steve W. said...

Hi, Krimo
I like this blog of yours. Daft as ever!
Keep them coming!

Krimo said...

Thanks, Steve.
I have every intention of posting on a regular basis but that's the theory. ;o)

ValGalArt said...

ooh yes, i know one in Brentwood, CA. I must try to get you a card...

Krimo said...

Oh, Val, that would be great!
Thanks in advance.