Panic stations...

I got ready for work (black shirt and black trousers) and the match (thermal long johns and two pairs of socks)
I checked my coat pocket for my season ticket. It wasn't there! Cold sweats. A few swear words in Greek, Spanish, French and Algerian under my breath.

Upstairs. Downstairs. Suit jacket. Waterproof coat...


"I must've dropped it when I walked back from the Leeds match on Boxing Day."

Then I heard a voice in the background:
"Put the light on and look inside the cupboard."

I had already looked there but decided to look again.


Suddently, out of the corner of my eye I noticed the blue Hartlepool United coat Portofino's staff had bought me for Christmas.
Yes, the season ticket was inside one of the pockets. What a relief!

I went to work, helped serve quite a few hungry football fans before heading for the match.

We began with a song...

But we lost 2-0...

Now I really wish I hadn't found the ticket!

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