Staff Profile: Jimmy Bailly

Position: Chef Age: 30
Joined the restaurant: July 2004
Initial job: Chef
Job History: Hostellerie des Montdeveaux France 97-99, Restaurant Le Jeanne D'arc 00-01, Portofino 01-03, Hotel Le Chamoix (Switzerland)03-04

What do I like about working here? Multi-nationalité.
Favourite dishes: All things French
Favourite holiday:
France and Crete Places I'd like to visit: Japan
Heroes: The best football player in the world: Zinedine Zidane.

Krimo says: Jimmy is a rather unusual name for a Frenchman, although many Sixties French artists adopted English names, like Johnny Halliday, the old crooner...
Jimmy first worked at Portofino for a couple of years before heading back to France and a very busy hotel on the Swiss border.
He came back to the UK (Why??) to marry an English rose.... (Ahhhh!).
We offered him a position at Krimo's with Madjid and Colin. When Madjid got diagnosed with heart trouble back in December, Jimmy stepped up a gear and gave Colin the necessary help to get the restaurant through a very busy Christmas and has now begun deputising for Colin.

Jimmy, je dois te dire que sans toi il nous aurait été très difficile de maintenir la qualité de notre cuisine en l'abscence de Madjid. Je sais que ton nouveau rôle te plait beaucoup maintenant que tu as appris à nager et je te souhaite un bel avenir avec nous.


Akelamalu said...

A French chef and an English Rose - a love story - Aaaah!

ValGalArt said...

very darling chef and i am happy a love story is involved! Cute that his name is Billy, i didn't realize that american names were popular there!