Staff Profile: Hayley

Position: Manager at Krimo's
Age: 23 going on 53
Joined the restaurant: December 2007
Job History: Seven years at McDonalds (!!!) from crew member to shift running manager.
What I like about working here: The customers. No more working with troublesome kids. Our customers are lovely.
Favourite dishes I like cooking: Eggs à la Hayley: scrambled eggs with chopped tomatoes and cheese. (Wow, Hayley! You gourmet! Watch out, Colin. She's after your job!)

Favourite dishes I like eating: Mamma's home made anything!!
Favourite holidays: Marseille, where I discovered olives (What's wrong with Asda?) and Cancun (Mexico) for the dolphins. (You had dolphin! What's wrong with tuna?)
Places I'd like to visit: Paris, London's West End for the shows and New York for the same thing.
Heroes: No heroes as yet!!
Thoughts: Just happy one with a large glass of red wine.

Krimo says: Hayley has been in our family for many years now as she was Adam's girlfriend. She's no longer that... they got engaged on the plane on their way to Cancun. So, hopefully in the next couple of years, she will become another Mrs. Bouabda.

Hayley joined Krimo's just before Christmas to become its manager. Karen took under her wing and showed her the way we do things. The lads still take the mickey out of Hayley when she shouts an order. "Is that with fries?"

Hayley is a most pleasant young lady who has fitted very well at Krimo's. Her pleasant attitude has already gained her the praise of all our regulars.

Hayley, welcome to the family!


Trac said...

Wow! Just imagine how gorgeous your grandchildren will be with those two as parents! :O)

Akelamalu said...

What a pretty edition to your family and your restaurant!

Krimo said...

Never really thought about it, but yes, I have a feeling the grandkids will be gorgeous, T.

Definitely the latest edition, Akela.

ValGalArt said...

She is sooooooo darling! How wonderful to have such a neato work and pleasure lifestyle! You are all so rich in family, friends, food and hopefully dough,haha!