Brain food...

Yesterday, the office phone rang. It was someone from one of the fishmongers we use for our restaurants.

Cynical me thought: "I bet he wants to sell me more fish..."

He asked if I could remember sending in a recipe for the online competition the firm ran back in January.
"Fish and seafood Tagine?"
I remembered casually copying this dish from my website recipe section and pasting it onto the entry form.
He said that I had been shortlisted and asked if I would be available to attend the finals in Birmingham at the beginning of April.
I checked my mobile phone diary. A phone is not just a phone these days, you know!
"I'm free."
"All expenses paid." He added.
"It's a date!"
Once I came off the phone, I began to imagine myself teaching Gordon Ramsay how to cook my dish and watching Heston Blumenthal turn it into a chemical experiment.

I must get started on the acceptance speech...
The above photo is of a Lamb Tagine we serve at Krimo's.


Caroline said...

What do you have to do? Cook it or watch in horror as someone else does?

I hope whatever happens its fun.

Krimo said...

Caro, I have no idea what they want me to do. The guy said that details are in the post.
If anything, it'll give the restaurants a bit of free publicity.

Mary said...

Well done! This could be your 15 minutes?

Trac said...

Ooooh - exciting! :O)

Krimo said...

Fifteen minutes, Mary? I'll make sure my fame lasts at least twenty!

T, exciting and frightening too...

ValGalArt said...

I can see it now!!!