Staff Profile: Adam Bouabda

Position: Manager at Casa del Mar
Age: 26
Joined the restaurant: 1995
Initial job: Waiter at Krimo's after suffering a few weeks with me in the kitchen.
Job History: Krimo's 1995-1998
McDonalds 1998-2001.
Also DJ at various music venues 1999-2005

Why I like working at Casa:
Seeing customers enjoying themselves in a party atmosphere when the restaurant is busy, and the al fresco dining in the Summer.

Favourite dishes: Anything with flames, such as Fajitas. Duck, seafood...

Favourite holidays: Cancun (Mexico), Iceland, Ibiza a few times. I'd like to visit Brazil, New Zealand, Algeria, India and South Africa.

Heroes: George Lucas (I love Star Wars!) and, if I am allowed to say, My Dad.

Krimo says: Adam was 3½ years old when we opened Krimo's in 1985. So he really grew up within the restaurant industry and, though I didn't want him to, I am not surprised that he followed in my footsteps. Poor lad!
They say that it is very hard to work with family. IT BLOODY IS!! Especially when your son happens to be as hard-headed as you.
It takes patience! And loads of it because today's young think they know better! (Cue violin music!)
But I feel that the future is looking good, because we really are getting on at last. Honest! What is it, Adam? Old age catching up with you or are you just catching up with your Dad? xxx

We met by chance at Asda after work last week. Now I know why many of our customers say we are like two peas in a pod! But I KNOW you are handsome because you take after your mam!


Sivle said...

What a fantastic photograph! I love the way you are exactly the same but in mirror image.

Karen is a lucky lady surrounded my handsome men who can cook!

Oh and Adam.... how much did he pay you to say your father was your hero?


Krimo said...

Isn't funny that dads end up copying their kids, T!
I'm not sure he said that tongue-in-cheek...

Mary said...

Well Cream! What a handsome son! And what could be better than being named his hero! You are blessed.

Akelamalu said...

What a great photograph! You are very much alike, yes Karen is a lucky woman to have two such handsome men in her life. :)

Krimo said...

Thanks, Mary. I am.

Akela, funny but we seem to be converging.

Daphne Wayne-Bough said...

Chip off the old block! Great photo.

Krimo said...

Yep, the Old Bloke, Daphnee!

PI said...

T hat's a great compliment to you; that he follows your sartorial lead. There was a short period of time when my elder son and I wore the same size jeans and looked alike from behind with blonde curly hair.

ValGalArt said...

The collage is awesome and he has and had a gorgeous face! just like his dad!!! Sweet picture of the two of you!

Krimo said...

PI, it might be SARcastic too...

Thanks, Val. Definitely a collage!

Argument Cottage said...

Hi Krimo and Adam, love the piccie you are both hunks! You know you should have rang each other up first to find out what you were wearing before you went out like us girls do!!

Hope business is good, look forward to seeing you soon

take care