Staff Profile: Chris Wilkinson

Position: 2nd Chef at Portofino
Age: 21
Joined the restaurant: August 2002
Initial job: Part-time Pizza Chef
Job History: Joined Portofino from school.
What do I like about working here? I enjoy the work atmosphere in the kitchen. I love creating nice dishes.
Favourite dishes I like cooking: Sea Bass with fennel and rosemary butter. Slow cooked lamb shank. Salmon with mussels and chive sauce.

Favourite dishes I like eating: Tomato and basil bruschetta. Beef fillet or sirloin steaks. I am really into Indian food at the moment.
Favourite holiday: Anywhere hot and busy. Magaluf in Spain is my best to date.
Places I'd like to visit: Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Lapland at Christmas!!
Heroes: My parents, Marco Pierre White, Gordon Ramsey.
Thoughts: "Don't take life too seriously, you may not get out alive!"

Krimo says: Chris has gone from strength to strength since starting out with us nearly six years ago. He was given the opportunity to progress and he took it. He is a good listener and a quick learner. His cheerful disposition is a great asset in the very busy environment of Portofino's kitchen.
"Chris, I honestly love your easy going personality and happy face at Portofino. Keep up the good work!"


Trac said...

Nifty bit of photography that! :O)

The food that Chris likes to cook makes me want to adopt him!

Krimo said...

Thank you, T...
If you adopt him you'll have to wash and iron his chef's whites!

Trac said...

They'll be Chef's pinks in no time! :O)

ValGalArt said...

I am amazed each time I come here and you highlight another wonderful person how works with and for you. You must get inspiration from all these young people whose outlook on life is fresh and positve! Cute too!

Krimo said...

You're right, Val. They keep me young at heart!