Profile: Kevin Dove

Position: Head-Chef at Casa del Mar


Joined the restaurant: September 1997 Initial job: Commis-Chef at Krimo's in Seaton Carew Job History: Joined Krimo's upon leaving school
What do I like about working here? The bustling atmosphere on busy weekends
Favourite dishes I like cooking: Paellas, Cordero con salsa
Favourite dishes I like eating: Fajitas

Favourite holidays: Gran Canaria, Center Parks
Places I'd like to visit: New York, Thailand, Taj Mahal, Egypt
Heroes: Bono (U2), Duncan Bannatyne, my Dad, Hartlepool United.
Thoughts: Why didn't Roman Abramovich buy Hartlepool instead of Chelsea?
If you're not fast, you're last...

Krimo says: The first day Kevin came into the kitchen at Seaton Carew, Madjid and I looked at each other and thought the same thing. "This poor kid won't last two minutes." He was skinny, and shy.
Over the years, he just got on with his job learning from Madjid and Colin, plying his trade first at the new Krimo's on the Marina and then at Portofino as second-chef! Yes, Kevin was on his way up.
Two years ago, when the Tapas Bar opened he was promoted to Head-Chef. I worked with him for three weeks to introduce him to Spanish dishes and then let him get on with it. He settled very quickly in his new Head-Chef role and has now surrounded himself with a very competent young team.

Kevin, do you know that, after Madjid, you are our longest-serving chef? That is an achievement in itself and I thank you for your loyalty!


PI said...

I envy you the satisfaction you must get from inspiring and nurturing young people. What a worthwhile occupation - quite apart from the pleasure you give the general public.
Well done young man!

Akelamalu said...

I really enjoy reading about your staff Krimo. :)

kj said...

hello cream! i'm following you and like this blog alot! it's great to see photos of your restaurants!