Casa's Menu...

I spent yesterday working on Casa's menu front page.
Adam and I reorganised the menu to make sure all the different offerings were in one single folder and avoid confusion.
I reduced the square drawing which I did for the original menu and found that it was too small and stretching the image would have resulted in a loss of sharpness or as they say in the trade, "depixelation".
So, I got my magic Wacom tablet and added the surrounding illustration including some mosaics.
Piece of cake!
Next Monday evening, I join Teesside University!!!
To do a course in Design for Web Development! Can't wait to see what I learn to improve the look of our websites.

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ValGalArt said...

How cool! I was thinking about how a few years ago you took that painting class and I was wondering if you were doing anything in the art world, glad that you are! Nice work on the menu too!