Casa del Mar...

...broke its Winter record! 211 Customers!

I got there at around 9pm after a very busy, short-staffed shift at Portofino. Although there were many people in the bar area, the Tapas Bar did not seem "bouncing" as it usually appears on Saturday evenings.

I posted the league table in the hallway and the gents toilet and commiserated with Kevin for Hartlepool's dismal performance against Northampton on Friday night. We lost one nil! Argh!!!

Later, Adam telephoned to say that they'd had 211 diners. I don't think that is a record because Casa is usually busier during the summer. But this is good enough for a cold, windy evening on the Marina.
Last night was our fortnightly Salsa night. I'm not sure I'm enjoying the lessons but I enjoyed my steak and prawn fajita though.

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PI said...

Shame I can't dance - I need to lose 7lbs.