Diamonds are forever...

...but Roses come by the dozen...

Valentine's Day! Ahhhh....

It has truly become the most popular day in a restaurant's year!
Mother's Day has been relegated into second place. Well, can you really blame husbands and wives? Soon after the wedding bells, mother takes the back seat.
This is a day when, if a restaurant isn't fully booked, it might as well be turned into a newsagent's or a laundrette.
The scramble for tables is such that telephones are like the X-Factor or Strictly Come Dancing hotlines on finals night.
About fifteen years ago, I placed this advert in September!! "Valentine's Day is only 19 weeks away! Do not disappoint your sweetheart! Book now!" Within twenty four hours, the restaurant was fully booked for February 14th.

That went to prove two things!
1-My adverts were definitely being read.
2-Romance was alive and kicking up in the North East!

Many leave it the last minute just in case they're no longer dating the same person. Others make a booking weeks ahead in the hope of being attached come February 14th.
This year, with one week to go, Krimo's is already fully booked, after all it was nominated one of the top fifty most romantic restaurants in Britain in a poll conducted by Remy Martin Champagne.
But, as far as I can tell, we have a couple of tables left at Portofino and Casa... That won't be for much longer though.


ValGalArt said...

How wonderful! I would book with you if i was close by for sure! Happy to know you are one of the best, but i already thought you might be!

Krimo said...

You never know, Val, your art may bring this side of the pond one day.

Queenie said...

My husband always asks if I will cook for him on Valentines day, what do i do?

Krimo said...

Q, you don't need to cook anything.
A couple dozen oysters and some champagne...;o)