Fishing for compliments...

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I took this photo last week as I waited for the lock gates to open after the fishing boat entered the Marina.

Sometimes the catch of fish and crustaceans is landed just outside the restaurant's windows to await collection. I once witnessed a crab's hopeless escape attempt out of its holding crate.

Krimo's highly visible, golden sign must be one of the first things that weary sailors catch a glimpse of when entering the safe haven that is Hartlepool Marina.

Besides the fishing fleet, the Marina is home to many moored yachts, sailing boats or cruisers whose owners use mostly at weekends like a floating caravan. During the summer there is also an influx of foreign seafarers making their way up or down along the North Sea coast.

Most of those who stop the night in Hartlepool usually use at least one of our restaurants. This has generally been an excellent opportunity for me to have an interesting conversation on boats, yachting and foreign lands. I often end up being a little envious of these lucky free spirits. This never fails to take me back to my sailing days when I was a student. The farthest place I visited was Madagascar.


Homo Escapeons said...

When you were in Madagascar did you 'Move it Move it' with King Julien and the Lemurs?
Did you see the movie?

Krimos is are so cool. I need to take a week or two to just sail over and dine at all of your places until I explode like Mr Creosote.

ValGalArt said...

Do you ever sail anymore? What a gorgeous shot featuring Krimos! Would make a nice postcard. You must love this location!!!

Queenie said...

I'm hooked, the photo makes it all look so inviting!

Akelamalu said...

What a great position Krimo's holds! I really must get over to Hartlepool.