Food Parcels...

Yesterday we had a birthday party.

For starters, I prepared two lots of pastry parcels with "Feuilles de Brick" which are similar to wonton wrappers.

Here are the two recipes:

1-Mix the following: Half a pound of minced prawns, a tbsp of minced ginger and garlic, two chopped spring onions and one egg white. Season well.

2-Mince a quarter of a pound of Chorizo and Goat's cheese each with two tbsps of Pesto.

Place a teaspoonful on the end of a rectangle of pastry (15cm by 5cm) then fold into triangles.

Shallow fry and serve with a simple green salad.



Elizabeth said...

Mmmmmm........delicious - wish I were there.
I think we have some very similar pottery at home.
I wish I was a good cook.
I remember you recognized the tagine with torn up pancakes I wrote about some weeks ago.
Best wishes!

Akelamalu said...

Mmmm delicious. :)

Anonymous said...

As the Spanish say "Madre Mia!" remind me not to visit your blog when I'm hungry Krimo, that dish looks worth getting on a plane for!


ValGalArt said...

they look yummy! Could you please open a restaurant in L.A. already?