Martian delicacies...

This artery-clogging delight is said to have originated from a chip shop in North-East Scotland.
The Mars bar is fried in the same type of batter used for the likes of fish, haggis and black pudding, with the Mars bar generally chilled before being fried.

The plunging of Mars bars into deep fryers has sparked a trend of such things, with Creme Eggs, Snickers bars and even pizza suffering a similar fate.
In fact, deep-frying pizza is thought to go back even further than the deep-fried Mars bar.
Now, you may say that deep-frying is quite an unhealthy way of cooking food and you could be right. But successful deep-frying depends on the temperature of the oil. The latter has to be hot enough for the item dropped into it to crisp up instantly, creating an outer layer that prevents the oil to soak in.

Throughout the world, cooks deep-fry foods. From Tempura in Japan, Wontons in China, Beignets in France, Fish and chips in the UK to Crickets in the Sahara!!

"What? Crickets as in insects?"

Yes, I hear it is a delicacy in Southern Algeria and the rest of the Sahara, but I have not yet had the pleasure of tasting them.


Caroline said...

I've never seen a deep-fried Mars bar before - I thought they were just a joke that English made about the Scots food sense!

ValGalArt said...

I watched a food program and apparently there are lots of deep fried foods like twinkies are a big favourite here? I wouldn't mind trying one of these once...