How to carve a turkey...

I'm quite certain that the following has happened to some of us at one time or another on Christmas Day.
We've cooked our vegetables al dente, roasted our potatoes golden and crisp, set the table beautifully and then....

This useful video is the way to present a turkey on Christmas Day.
But don't wait until the last minute to watch and practice.
Try carving a chicken once a week. I know that most of us prefer boneless breasts but how much easier and more delicious can it get, sticking a whole chicken in the oven and roasting it on the bone.
Practice makes perfect!!



PI said...

I have only recently been introduced the the boneless breasts and it seems to me all the fun (and flavour) has gone out of it and I know MTL relishes legs.

Zéphyr, said...

Habituellement, je n'aime pas la dinde mais la séquence vidéo et l'approche des fêtes de fin d'année m'ont fait changé d'avis.
C'est de véritables chefs d'œuvre que vous réalisés.
Artistes,à vos marques, partez !

Krimo said...

Pat, I come from a country where we fought for the marrowbone!
Our wooden table was peppered with dents.

Zéphyr, nous sommes déjà partis! Deux semaines de marathon!

Anonymous said...
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Mary said...

Oh I'm late for this one but I'll be ready by Christmas. You are an angel come to save us from our kitchen woes.