Krimo's Al Dente Offerings...

2008 has been a very hard year for business in general and catering in particular.
It began with huge increases in food prices: butter, flour, meat, fish, (cooking) oil, etc...
The finger pointed at the price of (the other) oil, last summer's floods, the ongoing wars, Indian Ocean pirates, elections, etc...
Anything and everything, really. Just take your pick.

Then came the dreaded C.C.
Do you know that in the last few months, the most Googled phrase has been Credit Crunch?
I love anything al dente but not sure about this one.

Everyone is predicting gloomy times ahead and sadly there will be many casualties.
I sympathise with anyone starting a business in this current economic climate.
Having said it before, I shall repeat myself as usual.
When people do not have much cash to play with, they will invariably stick to what they know.
At Krimo's we are lucky to have gone through many lean times over the 24 years we've been in business, not only survived them and but come out stronger.

Our Eating Out Poll is showing that more people dine out once a month. (A couple of days to go)
So, as long as they come to one of our restaurants every three months, we will survive...


PI said...

Love the cartoon!

Zéphyr, said...

Laissons les choses venir !

La situation actuelle de la finance internationale résulte des actions néfastes des spéculateurs : ils sont les premiers perdants (parasites vivant au détriment de la société).

En revanche, nous, les petites gens, sauront sortir de cette dure épreuve car notre labeur est la seule et véritable source de richesse, chose essentielle pour la société.

Vous êtes industrieux, la société vous soutiendra ! Alors chassons la morosité.

Nous sommes de tout cœur avec vous. Courage !

PS/ Je vous prie de bien vouloir rendre la carotte au bonhomme de neige. Il n'est pas responsable des déboires des profiteurs.

Le caricaturiste émérite que vous êtes sera à l'œuvre.

Krimo said...

Pat, I'm trying to sort one out for our Christmas card...

Comme toujours, merci, Zéphyr!
Les temps sont moroses mais nous ne perdrons jamais d'espoir.

ValGalArt said...

Very cute holiday illo Krimo and I can see that you have been busy and enjoying yourself!!! Have a lovely holiday and always great to hear and see what you are up to:)