Krimo's Naval Gazing...

When Hartlepool Marina began taking shape in the early nineties, my dream was to open a casual bistro serving from pizzas to fresh fish, pasta to steaks, somewhere very close to water.
Was it my Mediterranean feet itching to dangle in the sea?
Was it my Naval Architecture past at Sunderland Poly tugging me back to the shipping lanes?
I wonder.
All I know is that our Pizzeria-Bistro, Portofino couldn't have brought me closer to my dream!

I listen with pride to our customers' wonderful comments about Portofino's location.
On the right we have HMS Trincomalee, Britain's oldest warship afloat, bobbing up and down so close to our windows that, when I tell our younger diners that she is my private yacht their eyes light up with disbelief.
Out of our front windows, Hartlepool Marina glistens invitingly in the sunlight or moonlight, transporting us back to happy Mediterranean holidays. After a few glasses of Rosé, it is often compared to Puerto Banus or St Tropez...
Right here on Hartlepool Maritime Experience!

Many a morning, I've sipped a coffee at table 9 while proudly guarding MY yacht and MY swimming pool.

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Zéphyr, said...

La réalité a supplanté le rêve !

Votre esprit a imaginé la réalisation de l'un de vos désirs les plus chers : la mer à vos pieds.

Qu'elle soit maintenant du Nord ou méditerranéenne, qu'importe !

Il ne manque que la chaleur et la lumière du Soleil.

Krimo said...

Il faudra m'en envoyer un petit peu...
Merci pour les cartes de Noel.

Trac said...

Merry Christmas Krimo.
I'm off to my MIL's in Wales now, so there won't be any plastic bags in my cooked turkey this year!

Krimo said...

Merry Christmas to you, Trac.
That'll be an offal change for you.

PI said...

You certainly chose the right place. It may get parky at times but there is also lots of brilliant sunshine. Shall you have a dip in the North sea over the holiday? I hope you don't have to work too hard over the holiday period. All best wishes and may 2009 bring you good health and happiness.