Cooking wisdom...

The Poll on Swearing in the Kitchen showed by 80% to 20% that we do not agree with foul language in kitchens and especially TV kitchens.
Thanks to all those who entered, all 35 of you.
Rising to his own defence, Gordon Ramsay pleads: "People say I'm a monster, but I'm not a monster... I just have to maintain a high standard that people are paying a fortune for. I seem to be the only chef in the country who gets upset when things go wrong."

Chefs in their kitchen are like sea captains aboard their ship.
They have to have the last word on what goes on. You can only laugh when they laugh. If they're quiet during service, you'd be a fool to utter a word that has nothing to do with food. I know this because I was a chef!
But when they're relaxed they are very amiable beings, always willing to impart a few pearls of wisdom.

Delia Smith,
our famous TV chef once said: "Football and cookery are the two most important subjects in this country."
Obviously, she has an interest in both. Football being her second love as she is joint majority shareholder in Norwich City FC.

Woody Allen, though not a chef, but a brilliant actor and director said: "I will not eat oysters. I want my food dead. Not sick, not wounded... Dead!"

Miss Piggy, serial dieter has this piece of advice for us: "Never eat more than you can lift."

How often do you eat out?
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Zéphyr, said...

Les règles de bienséance et le savoir-vivre sont toujours d'actualité.
Nos aïeux nous ont appris les bonnes manières. Respectons-les et léguons-les à nos enfants.

Une rigueur surtout lorsqu'il s'agit de la table : un lieu très privilégié des gens.

Krimo said...

Je pense que la table est essentielle à la famille. C'est là que les enfants apprennent presque tout; la politesse, les bonnes manières, la communication, etc...
Dommage que la nouvelle génération n'arrive pas à trouver le temps de se réunir au moins une fois par jour autour de la table.

PI said...

I think I put once a month which is a conservative number really. It is very important pleasure in our lives.
My SIL says you have the big freeze.

Krimo said...

I go through phases when it comes to eating out. I think it can depend on the weather, the mood, what's in the fridge...
It is very important to be at a table facing those people who matter in your life. Good food can only help warm the coldest of days.
Your SIL is right. It is cold, very cold, Pat.