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Personally, I do not agree with swearing anyway.

I think Gordon Ramshead is a great chef and an even better businessman. But does he really need to swear every other word to be funny? A few years ago, when a hidden camera caught him demeaning a French waiter, I began worrying about the message this would send to young catering students on their way to real life in a hotel or a restaurant.

Bullying? What the program showed was more like verbal assassination!

We often hear moans of the fabric of society being eroded, the young don't respect anything anymore... A couple of TV presenters take this abject practice to the limit...
Come on!
Isn't about time "Role Models" like Gordon Ramsay realised that every time they appear on our screens, they have a moral duty to educate young people with the skills they have honed over the years rather than make them laugh with gratuitous foul language.

There is a time and a place for that kind of thing and I certainly don't agree that it should be on a TV cookery program!

Please make your vote count if only till the end of next week.


Zéphyr, said...

Je n'ai rien compris à ce sondage. Mais imposer un sermon est une bassesse mercantile.

Krimo said...

C'est à propos d'un chef de cuisine qui n'arrète pas de dire des gros mots à la télé.
La question est: Êtes-vous d'accord avec l'usage de gros mots sur les émissions TV (de cuisine)?

Trac said...

I'd vote for you to have a cookery TV show! :O)

Mary said...

I'm with you!

Krimo said...

T, I've cooked on the radio but never on telly. I'm quite good with sound effects.

Thanks, Mary.

PI said...

I can't be bothered to watch Gordon Ramsay; I don't know which I dislike more - the bullyng or gratuitous swearing.

Lisa said...

I dont think that Gordon Ramsay should be allowed to act that way on TV or anywhere else. If another boss in a different profession was to verbally and emotionally abuse their staff in that way they would be sued for harrassment! Yet he gets away with it in the name of humour!!

I think it takes away from the quality of the program personally. I dont feel it is necessary and dont actually find it funny at all.

There are other chefs on TV and in real life that are much more professional who serve excellent food without the need to demean their staff!


Krimo said...

Pat, I had a feeling that would be your view. It's such a shame because he is such a talented chef.

Lisa, you're right. Anything for the sake of TV ratings.
It is the kind of thing that makes bad language acceptable anywhere.

Donn Coppens said...


Gordon f*%#@ng Ramsay needs lots and lots of expensive happy pills and shock-therapy..
except now his willy has lead him into all sorts of nasty litigation so this may be the end of his reign of terror.

Seriously why hasn't one of those poor owners just taken a shovel to his head! If anyone ever spoke to me like that it would be a very brief conversation...

unless of course it was my good-lady-wife in which case the term probable cause instantly comes to mind.

Krimo said...

Last year, I received a letter from the TV company that makes Kitchen Nightmares asking whether we would agree to Ramsay using us for that program.
I shredded the letter because I didn't want to end up in jail for stabbing him.

Anonymous said...

i was brought up to believe that swearing was used by a person who has no better way of expressing themselves, ie someone in poor command of the english language & to think he has been on this planet ALL his life just shows how much of an idiot he really is