Good things come in little packages...

I discovered Chopitos a few years ago, on a Spanish holiday.
"Chop yer toes?"
Well, they do look like deep-fried giant nail clippings.

They are in fact tiny Mediterranean squid, the size of a finger, tossed in seasoned flour, lightly deep-fried and served in a heap of a dozen or more depending on how relaxed the chef feels on the day. A slice of lemon and sometimes a pot of garlic mayonnaise, if that same chef happens to be on duty.

If, unlike me you are averse to seafood, you could be fooled in thinking they were some kind of fishy popcorn and maybe fall in love with them.

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Sadly or thankfully, depending on your fishy tastes, the meal will not include Chopitos...


Zéphyr, said...

Calmar ou calamar, les deux mots existent.

Le calamar de la Méditerranée a meilleur goût que celui de l'Atlantique.
Frit, il peut être servi seul ou accompagné de frites. Il peut également être préparé avec une sauce tomate onctueuse(façon crevette sautée) ou farci.

Cela me donne de l'eau à la bouche !

Krimo said...

Tout comme les sardines!
Zéphyr, tu devrais faire la cuisine à la maison, tu sais.

LDahl said...

Krimo, do you realize this looks like a deep-fried Cat in the Hat? Hehehe!
I'm sure it is quite tasty though.

Orce Serrano Hams said...

Love these Krimo, very popular tapa - especially with aliolli..

Krimo said...

L, I can assure you they are very tasty.

CR, they are delicious, aren't they?