Most expensive food...

Caviar is just simply fish roe (eggs). Though the best comes from the Beluga Sturgeon, one can always make do with lumpfish or salmon caviars at around £5 a jar.

Beluga Caviar which comes from the Caspian sea can cost at least £2000 a kilo.
It is the most expensive food item in the world!
Sturgeons can weigh up to two tonnes and prized more for their eggs than their meat.
Caviar is usually served on a warm toast for very special occasions.

I personally have tried real Caviar only once and, though I liked it very much, I still do no see what the fuss is all about.
Can you?

(photo courtesy of Wikipedia)


Zéphyr, said...

Je n'aime pas le caviar. C'est gélatineux et dégoûtant.

La première et dernière fois que j'ai découvert ces drôles d'œufs de poissons c'était il y a 30 ans, au Palais des Nations (Club des Pins).

Cela me rappelle les parvenus d'hier et d'aujourd'hui.

Krimo said...

Du caviar en Algérie!!
Des parvenus! Absolument.

Crabtree said...

En Aquitaine aussi on a repris la production d'esturgeon et du caviar( STURIA )" L’Acipenser sturio "(une des 24 espèces) vivait à l’état sauvage dans l’estuaire de la Gironde, il était très exploité et pêché des années 20 aux années 60...( Perlita )ca ressemble à de la pub ! C'est bon sans plus ! c'est surtout bon pour les nouveaux riches question de snobisme ! En somme une contre pub ...!

Une mousse de foie de canard même au porto sur Toast ,ferait mieux l'affaire ?

Krimo said...

Surtout avec de la confiture de figues... Mmmmmmmmm...

Hayden said...

I confess, I love it. For myself, I buy salmon roe (fresh, if I can find it, and clean and salt it myself!).

I was lucky to have a friend who had money and was mad about both caviar and throwing dinner parties. She started them all with a puck-sized jar of osetra.
I doubt it was from the Caspian, but it was glorious!

(It was also at her house I first tried authentic absinthe and learned the charm - and the exaggerated claims of intoxication and addiction - of the Green Fairy. Ah well. I guess every age has it's marijuana stories to scare the kiddies with.)