A Delighted Mascot...

A very special day for my 8-year old grandson, Alex. I got a call from Terry Hanlon, from the Hartlepool United marketing team. He asked if Alex was coming the match against Brighton because he had been chosen as Pools mascot for the day.

We arrived just before with one hour to go for the match.

Terry took us both to the players dressing room where Alex got his photo taken with every single player and each one of them signed his matchday programme.
After a light kickalong with Terry, where Alex won £1 in a competition where he had to hit the corner post.

The electonic scoreboard was unveiled for the first time and guess whose name was up in lights?

Alex then led out the players, walking along captain Sam Collins. He shook hands with the referee, linesmen and the Brighton players before taking his seat next to me under the complimentary smiles and pats-on-the-back of our neighbouring Pools fans.

The day was crowned with a one-nil win against Brighton courstesy of Kevin Kyle in the 12th minute.
Several times through the match Alex said to me:"Grampa, this is the best day of my life!"
Little does he know that I enjoyed it just as much as he did.


Zéphyr, said...

Un grand bravo pour Alex, la mascotte !

Le choix d'Alex a été judicieux : il a porté chance au club d'Hartlepool.

D'autres succés A Alex, à Krimo's et à la ville d'Harlepool.

Krimo said...

Merci, Zéphyr.
Alex était tellement content de représenter son équipe. C'est sa premiere saison comme vrai supporteur de Hartlepool United. Il se régale chaque fois qu'on va au match.

Trac said...

I remember once, ages ago, that you wrote a brilliant post about playing football when you were a kid and how I thought that you were the only person to ever make me actually get what footie is all about.

And you've just done it again! :O)

Krimo said...

T, I've just revisited that post. It was a good one. Your memory is amazing!

Yesterday, Alex was in a world of his own. I became his hero when I bought him a season ticket in July; yesterday I became his Superhero!
And, being a footie fanatic, myself, I really loved the whole experience.

Anonymous said...

C'est adorable !!

Et pour qui ! " Le Plus beau jour de ma vie " ???

Krimo said...

Pour tous les deux, of course.

Anonymous said...

My husband loves football too and takes our grandsons to watch. Very similar to yourself!
This week he was invited into the directors' box to watch Derby V Norwich. He is a Derby fan and was in the Norwich box but really enjoyed himself, though he and my son in law had to be content with smiling smugly and quietly when Derby scored!!!

Krimo said...

Haha! I know the feeling. I was at Carlisle on Tuesday night, invited to a directors' box with both sets of supporters present.
When Pools scored I couldn't stifle my enthusiasm...

Hayden said...

He's ADORABLE! What a great day for both of you!

Krimo said...

He is a good lad, Hayden.