A Belgian Beauty...

Terry Hanlon, the once-gentle-HUFC-Hospitality-Main-Man has started a new Facebook group called Sprouts Out.
I have joined it as an undercover-agent-provocateur.
Not because I do not like Brussels sprouts, on the contrary I love them! I joined this extremist group to try and undermine Terry's malicious campaign to discredit the beautiful and versatile sprout.

I met and fell in love with this beautiful, well-rounded, firm vegetable when I first landed on these exotic isles, over 33 years ago.

There she sat, alone, all green and shy on my dustbin lid of a plate, surrounded by generous slices of roast beef, a pile of shrivelled peas, a few sad baby carrots and a giant Yorkshire pudding.

I wondered who and what she was. I had never seen anything like her back in Algeria. The host explained: something about Brussels.
My limited understanding of the English language back then led me to wonder why the chocolate-loving Belgians would sprout such a weird-looking vegetable.

I caught it with my fork after several attempts. It felt and tasted like a water-filled balloon. My first encounter with the sprout did not have a happy ending.
Yet, I am glad to say, our relationship did not fizzle out, instead it flourished when we began experimenting. Butter, toasted nuts, bacon, lemon, etc...

Nowadays a roast is not a roast without a few Brussels sprouts on the plate.
You see I have grown to love anything Belgian, especially sprouts and chocolates, with the exception of kids who wet themselves in public.


Trac said...

Sprouts are for life, not just for Christmas.

Anonymous said...

Since the disappearance of my grandmother, all attempts failed!!

It is nevertheless darling this p'tit cabbages!

PI said...

I always - in spite of the name - imagined it was as British as toad in the hole.

Krimo said...

T, that is a line that I shall be using a lot over the next few weeks. Thanks!

Les p'tits choux de Bruxelles! Je les aime beaucoup mais pas seulement bouillis à la façon anglaise.

Pat, come to think of it, I don't think I've ever since them served anywhere else but Britain!

Zéphyr, said...

Qu'a-t-il de si particulier le choux de Bruxelles ?

Peut-être mignon, parce qu'il est très petit !

Anonymous said...

The KUULKAPPERS or cabbage coupeurs ( OBBRUSSEL ) are well Belgian ! But the toad in the hole is not that British for it "croasse" and multiplies itself :)

Terry H said...

I cannot think of anything more revolting. even slime from the base of a tree has more culinary appeal.

The campaign is far from over!!


Krimo said...

Terry, I had sprouts with my Sunday roast. Absolument delicious!

Definitely better than slime from the base of a tree. When did you try that???