Krimo's Winners...

Mr and Mrs Skinner enjoying the Valentine's Day meal they won in our latest draw.
All our restaurants were fully booked last night. I cannot imagine there being a free table in the entire UK.
Many returning regulars but also many new faces.
Hands knotted across tables.
Shared nibbles.
Clinking of glasses.
Chocolates and roses flooded the Marina.
Rosé wines and champagnes led to a pink overload.

I am sure that the same scenes were repeated all over the world last night but for us, Hartlepool was the Centre of the Universal Romance.


Zéphyr said...

Félicitations aux heureux gagnants !

Bonheur et félicité à tous les amoureux de la Terre ...

... et à tous ceux qui y contribuent.

Krimo said...

Des contributeurs, il y en avait des douzaines, Zéphyr!

Ché l'écossais said...

Salut Krim, je passe juste dire un bonjour.
Je sais que c'est un blog "activité pro", alors je suis sur mon best behaviour.
Faut que je tente ta recette olives maintenant.

Allez, Tshaw !

Krimo said...

Best behaviour! Have you been warned by Daphnée?

I hope you enjoy the olives. But you can always fiddle about with the ingredients.

little jennifer said...

you're right..during tht day, a couple of friends and me were searching around...but all the restaurant fully we hadnt booked in advance..we went to about 7 restaurents...omg, can you imagine @@"

Krimo said...

Early bird catches the worm...