Krimo's Valentine...

The Valentine Poll (top right hand) shows that only 1/3 of the voters believe that it is a load of hype! This goes to prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that romance is still alive and kicking.

For restaurants, a special day like Valentine's falling on Saturday is like a kid's birthday falling on Christmas Day. This does rile many in the catering industry. Personally, I say you win some you lose some. Over our 24 years in business, we have had our fair share out of Valentine's Day.

No matter on what day it falls, our restaurants could fill up several times over. Three years ago, Krimo's was voted one of the 50 most romantic restaurants in the UK by Remy Martin.

In September 1985, a few months after we opened, I placed a little advert in the Hartlepool Mail that said:
"Valentine's Day is only 19 weeks away. (I counted just to make sure) Do not disappoint your sweetheart.
The restaurant was booked up within two days."
I learnt two things from the experiment:
1. The power of advertising
2. The power of love

A few years ago a middle-aged couple came to Krimo's on Valentine's Day. The guy proposed, the lady accepted. They have not missed celebrating a single Valentine's Day with us since.

The winner of our Valentine's Day draw is Kath Skinner. She wins a Meal for Two (worth over £70) at Krimo's on February 14th.
She told me that when hinting to her husband that she wanted a little romance on Valentine's Day, he told to go and buy a couple of Mills and Boon books!! ;o)
Is it any wonder that 85% of all the one billion Valentine's Day cards sold each year are bought by women?


Anonymous said...

Le repas est certainement (avec les fleurs) le moment le plus propice pour déclarer sa flamme !
Surtout si le cadre est très accueillant

Krimo said...

Eh, ben oui. Quand l'estomac est plein, le coeur commence à chanter...

Anonymous said...

Quand l'estomac se met a chanter le cœur bat la mesure !

Krimo said...

Merci, Crabtree.
The way to a man's heart is through his stomach.

Zéphyr said...

Ah ! Quels croulants sommes-nous !
Nous envions les jeunes amoureux.

A chacun son tour, à chacun sa génération.
Contentons-nous de la nôtre.

Ne dit-on pas que les atours entretiennent l'amour !

Que nenni !