You've had your chips...

At Portofino, Noel, Chris and the team pride themselves in serving fresh, homemade chips.
Many years ago, frozen chips were given a try but they "tasted like straw!"
Nowadays, Portofino's chips are very famous in... Hartlepool.
The other morning I asked if they knew what country made the best chips.
"England! We make the best fish and chips in the world!"
"Oh, no! Sorry, boys, it's Belgium!"
They laughed.
So I went back to my office and Googled it for proof.
"Best chip in the World."
Guess what came up first?

But, after further research I came up with the answer.
Belgium in general and Brussels in particular is the home of the best chips in the world.
The country is after all famous for Mussels and Chips.

The secret is twice-cooked chips.
My cousin in Dieppe (France) once showed me how to make Frites.

Peel and slice the potatoes into 1cm thick chips.
Thickness matters more than length! I've heard that before...
Wash them in warm water, then drain and dry them.
Par-fry or blanch them in oil at around 140 degrees.
Once the chips are cooked through but still white, drain them and leave them to drip dry.
Turn the frying temperature to 180 degrees.
Drop the basket in and shake it to keep the chips loose.
They will become golden within two minutes.
Drain, sprinkle them with salt and serve immediately.

Chips, frites, French fries... or whatever they're called...
They are beautiful... in moderation!


PI said...

The Belgian ladies have been telling me this for yonks so I have to believe them.

Caroline said...

I wish I hadn't read this before lunch.... ;-)

Guyana-Gyal said...

So that's the secret.

Have you tried also green plantain chips...breadfruit chips...cassava chips...this is not good, I just had breakfast and I'm craving chips now.

Krimo said...

Pat, I had my Belgian chips while watching this little boy having a wee...;o)

Warning, Caro:
Before you read my blog, have yourself a chip buttie...

No, Gigi, I've never had any other chips than potatoes...
I shall have to start experimenting. Thanks.

Trac said...

With my late father being a chef, I grew up with chips cooked like that, and they were fab!

Now the question is, just salt and vinegar or/and a sauce?

I'm a Mayo type of person myself.

Krimo said...

Trac, if you like Mayo, you'll have to try my recipe below...
For a change try your chips with a pinch of garlic salt or bbq spice and tell me about them.

Akelamalu said...

I have to disagree with honey. MWM makes the best chips in the world!

Krimo said...

So, Akela you mean that YWM does all the cooking?

Zéphyr, said...

Je n'avais rien compris à la traduction automatique car cela parlait de "puces". C'est en revenant à la page originale que je me suis aperçu qu'il s'agissait de "chip". Ce mot n'a pas d'équivalent en français. L'explication donne :"pomme de terre en copeaux, en lamelles".
Les Belges sont plutôt réputés pour leurs frites traditionnelles.
Les chips sont croustillantes, légères et digestes. Nous les préférons aux frites belges.

Krimo said...

Bon, les "chips" anglaises sont des frites. Alors que les "chips" americaines sont des "chips" a la francaise...

En tous les cas, les meilleures frites au monde sont belges.

"Computer chips" sont des puces d'ordinateur.

Les traductions automatiques sont tellement marrantes!!

Hartlepool said...

I still say we have the best chips in the world!

Krimo said...

I might agree with you, Hartlepool, cos as I speak they're being served at a place very near you: Portofino!