Staff Profile: Lindsay Welsh

Position: Assistant-Manager at Casa del Mar
Age: 33 (I know... I look younger!)
Joined the restaurant: Day One!! 25th January 2006
Initial job: Bar-Manager
Job History: The Wynyard Golf Club 1996-2005, Bollinger's Wine Bar 2005-2006
What I like about working at Casa: I love the social aspect of my job, meeting new people and getting to know regulars.
Favourite dishes: Can't cook! Won't cook! Why should I? My boyfriend is a fabulous Italian chef! I love Japanese food but you can't beat a Sunday Dinner!

Favourite holiday: Italy of course especially with my own personal guide. I've there four times. There is so much beauty and culture.
I would also like to visit China. I'm fascinated by the culture.
Heroes: Princess Diana. I admire her for the charity work she did before she was sadly taken away.
Thoughts: I dream that one day Andrea (my own, personal Italian chef and tour guide) and I will own a quaint Italian restaurant in Italy, or here, or both?!?
Note to myself: Must learn more than just Italian swear words...

Krimo says: Lindsay, you are a character! I am sure that without you, Adam would be lost, but I won't say that in front of him. Customers love you because you are genuine and they also love that cheeky spark in your eyes. Keep it up, bambina!

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