Walking on water...

On this warmish bank holiday, Allan Henderson of Hartlepool Marina
came up with this ingenious game for kids of all ages.
He zips you up inside this clear-plastic sphere after pumping it up and off you go walking on water.
It's not as easy as it seems and may take a few goes before one can stand up inside the cocoon.

Younger children are very quick learners.
Below is Liam, grandson of our friends, Barry and Pat Anderson. He seems to have got the hang of it and, on his second (£3) try, he managed to take a few steps on the water.
Come on, Allan how about turning the Marina into a wine lake?


Caroline said...

That looks like a really fun game to play.

I've seen something similiar to go down hill but this looks much more fun.

How long does the air last?

Or has it got a clever way of letting air in without letting the water in too?

Krimo said...

It looked really good but I wasn't tempted.
The air seems to last for a long time. It's pumped through the same hole people are let in then this is zipped up fast. Very clever!

Queenie said...

That looks great fun, I'm surprised you could resist.