Memory lane...

Many of our customers have grown up with us. Just imagine the following sequence. They came to Krimo's and later, to our other restaurants when they were:
-Celebrating their engagement
-Hen or stag nights
-The birth of their children
-Exam results...

Then, their kids started the cycle all over again.

Last Saturday, two of our biggest fans, Gill and Graham Harland brought in a photo that had appeared in the Hartlepool, coincidentally alongside one of our adverts.
It features a smiling Graham, (baby in the centre) sharing a pram with his sister and most certainly celebrating a Royal event around 1955.
We didn't start in business for another 30 years and Graham along with Gill, was one of our first customers at Seaton Carew.
When I presented them with our new Loyalty Card, Graham, the eternal joker, wondered whether their points could be back-dated to 1985!
Graham, I hope you don't come in next time with a bagful of old Krimo's bills, just to prove your "points", mate...
Great memories we share. Especially a few bottles of rosé one Summer's afternoon in your garden....


Akelamalu said...

How wonderful that you have such loyal customers!

Krimo said...

A restaurant can't exist without loyal customers, Akela.
And, fingers crossed, we have a few of them.

Queenie said...

SO true.