L'entente cordiale...

Colin, our very tall head-chef is famous for his dry humour. Just ask any of the waitresses at Krimo's and they will all go: "Arghhhh!"
He has been known to tease vegetarian staff with things like "Would you like an omelet... a ham omelet?"
I personally think he is very quick-witted. His humour seems to extend beyond the Channel.
Many moons ago Colin worked at our French friend Didier Deville's Bistro 57 as second chef. As his subordinate, he was always at the butt of his boss's pseudo-chauvinistic Rosbif jokes, especially if the French rugby team had lost to a British team.

Nowadays Colin has finally swapped positions and now he has a Frenchman under him. Gentle giant, Jimmy!
Is Colin the kind of person who would fight the Hundred Years War all over again just to get his own back? Non!
A true Englishman, Col savours his revenge cold, with a bit of horseradish instead of Mayonnaise.


Queenie said...

Thats the best way to serve revenge 'COLD'
I thought of a great caption for the photo!!!!!

Krimo said...

Go on, Q what's the caption?

PI said...

The long and short of it?

Akelamalu said...

Haha what goes round comes around!