Weather grounds air show...

Three weeks ago, torrential rain and low temperatures spoilt our Maritime Festival.
This past weekend, the Sunderland International Air Show was another victim of the English Summer weather.
Two miles from the coast, as temperatures soared to 26 degrees (!) we, along with thousands of other people left our car on a field on the outskirts of Sunderland and boarded a Park and Ride bus. Colourful shorts and Tshirts, sunglasses, picnic hampers in hand, we headed for the seafront.
As we neared Seaburn, mist put a veil over the face of the sun.
Thousands of visitors waited in vain for a glimpse of a flying machine. The tannoy announced the fly-over of a Belgian Airforce F16. We heard it but never saw it.
All waited and expected, whiling away the hours on the Twister or the beach, getting a henna tattoo here, an ice cream there...
The sky cleared up for a few minutes raising our hopes skyward only for the mist to dampen them soon after.
The only planes we saw were of the Airfix type on sale in many of the stalls along the seafront.

Two years from now, the Tall Ships come to Hartlepool.
Do we have to start praying now for good weather?


PI said...

And yet - and yet...The skies are blue, the sun shines brilliantly in Weston Supermare but the pier has just burnt down.

Queenie said...

Hope we can have a clear view of your henna tattoo!!!Sorry it was misty, it could have been worse, always look on the bright side (think Monty Python)!!!!

la bellina mammina said...

Oh wow! Is that a photo from your trip there?