Lucky Luke...

Looks like Luke enjoyed his meal!
What an artist!
The visitors' book at Portofino is well used by our younger patrons.
And they can write!!
And draw!!

Many can't even reach it. But they climb on the old wooden chair and embark on an impromptu essay.
I can never help but smile in wonder at what must make those young little brains tick.


PI said...

I think it's so important to take children- as a treat - to nice restaurants so they can appreciate one of the joys of life.

ValGalArt said...

how sweet :)

Queenie said...

They say children tell it as it is, so its a huge compliment. Some of my most memorable meals were as a child, thats when I learnt it isn't the done thing to dunk my bread in my soup!!! I'm back in the land of blogging, well at least till I go in hospital in September.