Ever since Tesco, Asda and Morrisons introduced their loyalty card, I have wanted to have my own.
For years, I have researched many systems which would reward our customers for their loyalty and finally I found a company which provided me with exactly what I had always needed.
A loyalty card system that customers can use in our three restaurants!
I designed the card, submitted it and hey, Presto! we are up and running.

Guess who owns card No.1?
Well, I am loyal, aren't I? I arrive at work every morning before 9!!!


PI said...

Excellent idea. I couldn't enlarge it unfortunately. If there were a chance of my coming north I would beg one as possibly one of the oldest customers - I don't mean in age:)

Krimo said...

You'll an honourary "old" regular, Pat... Not in age, though.