A short one for the weekend...

Now, Simon, tell me frankly, do you say prayers before eating?


No sir, I don't have to, my Mom is a good cook.

This made me smile! My mam too was a great cook. I really believe that's what made become a chef. She used to cook my favourite dish, Lamb Tagine, when I went back home from boarding school or Uni.

Was your mother a good cook?
What was the best dish she cooked for you?


Caroline said...

My mother was a good cook but not so keen on having to cook...

Love the look of that pottery.

(Sorry I've not been around much - I've not disappeared off the planet just off the computer for a bit... hope to be back in another week or so)

la bellina mammina said...

I (and everyone else in the family;-) love Mom's beef rendang!

Queenie said...

"Forgive me mother please"
My very dear mother is a terrible cook, alas I savoured the times dad would come home from leave. The Navy gave my dad the experience of tasting food from all over the world, which he shared with me. Guess my mum knew with her good looks, cooking wouldn't have been the first thing on the list of being the perfect wife.

Crabtree said...

Bonjours ! Krimo

Pas ma mère qui hélas ma abandonné à l'orphelinat.

Donc recette de la Grand-Mère normande de Crabtree ;
Qui dit Crabtree dit pommes !!

Les desserts sont acxepté ??

Douillons,pour 4 personnes :

4 pommes
250 g de pâte feuilletée
40 g de beurre
100 g de sucre
1 jaune d'oeuf
2 cuillères à soupe de miel
2 citrons jaunes

Prélever le zeste des citrons et blanchir deux fois 1 minute dans l'eau bouillante.

Porter à ébullition 10 cl d'eau avec 50 g de sucre et faire confire les zestes tout doucement. Egoutter et hacher, mélanger avec le beurre.

Laver et évider les pommes.

Abaisser la pâte feuilletée, découper quatre grands carrés et poser une pomme sur chacun d'eux. Dans le creux de la pomme, verser une noix de beurre au citron et du sucre.

Mouiller à l'eau les quatre côtés des carrés et refermer la pâte. Dorer chaque douillon avec le jaune d'oeuf et cuire au four 35 minutes à 225°C.

A la sortie du four, badigeonner les douillons de miel bouillant, à l'aide d'un pinceau.
Servir immédiatement.

Avec un cidre doux ou bien brut à chacun selon ses goûts !

Bon appétit ! Maestro

PI said...

I don't think I ever really appreciated her cooking - wartime, rationing - but her pot roasts were good and Lancashire potato pie with red cabbage gets my juice flowing. Her trifle and malt loaf were excellent.

Krimo said...

Monsieur Crabtree! Quel plaisir!
Merci pour cette belle recette. Simple mais je parie qu'elle vous rappelle de bons souvenirs.
Surtout avec un petit coup de cidre!

Q, I cook very often at home. But Karen helps me when we have guests.

Bella, I'll have to do some research on that beef.

Caro, it is sometimes a bit of a slog to cook but one has to do it...

Krimo said...

Pat, that Lancashire potato pie with red cabbage would get my own juice flowing! Sounds delicious!

ValGalArt said...

sorry mom, but she was not the greatest cook, more a utility cook with 5 kids so it was never anything i liked. I was a picky kid in her defense. I sure loved eating at other peoples homes though :) I like your tangine illo!

Merisi said...

My mom's the best cook in the whole wide world! (Oopsie, got carried away, but you asked, after all, you must have seen it coming, don't you? Maybe we could agree that both our moms are the best cooks in the whole wide .... ?*smile*).

I love everything she cooks! To mention a "favorite", or favorites really, her desserts are out of this world, each and every one. When my brother first opened his restaurant, she did the desserts, occasionally. They were always gone within minutes she delivered those tortes and cakes.

Argument Cottage said...

Hi Krimo, your lamb tagine is still my favourite dish absolutely spectacular so I now know who you got it from! My mam was a good cook from Ireland and made real home made food, what I like to call big dinners. I still miss them now she has gone and have only just recently managed to get the hang of making the heavenly yorkshire puddings she used to make- that is despite watching and helping her all of my young/adult life.........She would be proud that I have finally learnt to keep the oven door shut throughout the process.

Anyway I am now lucky that Phil likes to cook for me so I have not really had to fine tune my culinary skills too much!

take good care and hope to see you soon