Staff Profile: Joey Clark

Position: Head Waitress at Portofino
Joined the restaurant: 1st September 2004
Initial job: Waitress
Job History: None. Portofino was my first job from school.
What do I like about working here? Friendly atmosphere and staff
Favourite dishes: Chicken and Pasta
Favourite holidays: Zante and Kos (Greece), Turkey, Florida, Barcelona and Costa del Sol
Places I'd like to visit: New York, Chicago, China, Australia, Italy...
Heroes: Superman and my Mam!

About me: I love working here. I will be sad to leave when I have to fly the nest ;o(

Krimo says: Joanne, Joey, Jo-babe... has been with us for the last for four years now. She is at Uni at the moment and will be leaving us in August. She is one of those easy souls who just glide effortlessly around doing a very good job of looking after customers, training new staff, always with a smile...

Jo-babe, though your sister Nicole makes better tea than you, you are one of the rare people who cheer me up with your shiny personality and cheeky smile. Especially when you say:"I need some Mula!" Glad you explained that it was the money you needed for our Saturday shopping list. If you're anything like Katie, one of your bestest friends and one of most memorable members of staff, who's back for another stint, I am sure that we will see again well after you've left us in August... Fingers crossed!


PI said...

One thing your staff all have in common: they all look happy.

Donn said...

Who wouldn't be thrilled to be working for the nicest man in the universe?

Krimster, You obviously attract fabulous people with your kind spirit and awesome karma.

Krimo said...

Pi, I had a good laugh practicing laughter with some on them on Saturday. Hilarious!

Birds of a feather, Donns.
From an old Rooster.

ValGalArt said...

What a darling girl and cute that she say's moola, i haven't heard that in a while :)