Staff Profile: Daniel Mamby

Age: 28

Position: Second Chef at Portofino

Joined the restaurant:

Job history:
I started as a pizza chef and worked my way up the ladder over the years. I like the fact that I have made lots of great friends for life. We have a great working atmosphere.

Favourite dishes: I basically like everything we make at Portofino. Although I love our Peppercorn sauce my favourite dish has to be loin of lamb with mint-scented mash.
Favourite holiday: Cancun (Mexico) in 2013 where I met my Mexican girlfriend, Stephanie. 

Krimo says: Dan was promoted as second-chef when Chris Wilkinson moved to Casa del Mar in 2010. Since then, Dan has become Noel's right hand man, capably deputizing in his absence.
When he gets down to work, Dan is very often in a world of his own.
On a Mexican holiday, he met his Latina sweetheart, Stephanie.

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